Tuesday, August 11, 2015

CFAL 7 2015 for the Fourth Time

The ETS (Electric Train Service) train from Kuala Lumpur to Padang Besar has started its operation since July 2015 the journey to Butterworth takes less than 4 hours. I enjoyed the ride it's comfortable and did not have to worry anymore about stressful driving on the highway. By the way the fare is RM63.00. Well done KTM even though the new coaches for this route is not ready.
The jetty and the train station is situated next to one another and here we were coming out from the ferry into the Pearl of the Orient.
A night ride was arranged by Larry we had the chance to meet up our friends from Penang and Kuching. It was a ride to Pearl Hills at Tanjung Bungah from Georgetown.

Nasi Melayu at Lidiana was gorgeous. I will be back again for more. It was Larry who brought us to this nice spot for an authentic Malay food at Tanjung Bungah. Do visit Lidiana if you have the opportunity.

My choice of dishes with pomfret fish, a prawn and lots of veggie for an amount of RM13.50. I was fully satisfied with the food the prawn was fresh and succulent and the kuah (curry gravy) was fabulous.
I love the idea of Penang building towards becoming a cycling state in Malaysia and I believe it will be achieved at the rate it is progressing. A "Give Me 5 Cyclists" Sculpture at Tanjung Bungah.
On the eve of CFAL 7 we had a birthday bash at Royal Hotel for friends who were born in the month of August, it a great party but all have to rest early for CFAL.
It was Sunday 9th of August 2015, I rode from my mother's home for another great event of the year and a big dumpling (tai pau) at Yong Pin Restaurant, Sg Ujong Road Georgetown before the ride.
Exactly 7.00am the siren went off to excite 6,000 cyclists. It's all about personal record and it's not a race.
The sky was still dark as we cycled out off from the Esplanade. The starting is always slow as there are too many to start at the same time.
As the ride progresses everyone was able to paced out themselves based on their own strength and capabilities. The enjoyment of cycling in such event began as we moved on towards to the end.
As the eagle soared in the sky we temporary took control of the highway to go round the island. The feeling was good and awesome. Or was it a plane?
Whether you are an old timer or a first timer, the route is the same and happily everyone will complete the day.
One has to be careful when cycling in the event, I have seen accidents in all the CFALs I took part.
This was the only fall back of CFAL 7 that I could think of, it was due to a road construction at the junction of Route 10 and Route 6 at Bayan Lepas. Some with cleat shoes were having a bit of problem manuvering their way to cross the traffic light.
CFAL is renowned for its 2 climbs, this is the first at Teluk Kumbar highway built on high stilts with elevation that is breathtaking. It is a man made climb and a good first challenge of the day.
The second climb is more strenuous going up a natural terrain and it was a pretty long climb indeed (5km or so).
Of course coming down from the second climb was a breeze and you get to see Teluk Bahang Dam, there wouldn't be any more severe climb after this.

Generally the route is beautiful with shade though some roads might be narrow but it is safe to cycle in a big group like this.
Whenever I reach this part of the island I would feel very relief and knowing that completing the reminding is going to be easy.
At last I made it again but this year my personal timing wasn't too good as compared to the previous year. It took me four and half hours to complete the loop. Anyway I was glad to be able to finished it with my Brompton and thank goodness the weather was kind and managed to arrive at the finishing point in one piece.
Thanks to Yong Lim for this wonderful picture, another one for the record.
Already 4 in the collection bag, is there anymore to come. I hope there will be a CFAL 8 and will see you again.
My previous CFAL can be seen below :-

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