Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Let's Cycle 2 - Day 6 - Kuala Sepetang - Kuala Kurau - Bukit Mertajam

Selamat Pagi Kuala Sepetang. Day 6 we had breakfast with our cycling buddies from KL at the heart of Port Weld. This spot is a hot spot where we could see the lively morning activities of Kuala Sepetang.
Kuala Sepetang is a coastal town located in Perak. The town was formerly known as Port Weld after a former Governor, Frederick Weld. It is a thriving fishing village, and the main jumping-off point to the river mouth community of Kuala Sangga, which is a Chinese fishing community at the river mouth which specializes in fish breeding in cages. 
The Port Weld railway station was located at the centre of town. The whole railway line from here to Taiping, which was the first railway line in the Peninsular, is now dismantled, and now only the ticketing booth and the Port Weld railway signboard remain. The ticketing booth is now a Chinese coffee shop, and the shopowner has been maintaining the railway signboard.
One more round of shooting in and around the town before we begin our ride to Bukit Mertajam.
A check on Rickman's bike on our way out from Kuala Sepetang.
This plantation road we took to go out to the trunk road was a narrow, quiet and shady road and it's definitely a thumb up condition for cycling.
For no apparent reason everyone was riding faster than usual on a hot day, we stopped here after 30 over kilometres of blazing ride and a cold can of 100 Plus was heaven. 
At 36km we reached Bagan Serai for a regroup.
The Kopitiam we patronised at Bagan Serai, Restoran Mei Jing. I could only enjoy looking the the food and I wish I could eat the porridge... the fried salted pork belly was so enticing....
It's another detour this time to Kuala Kurau for a glass of iced coffee. So be it and we shall venture for the cafe....
They said Kuala Kurau is no more a kampong it's a town now. Fenn checked with the local for direction to the famous coffee and cucuk udang.
Yes they know the place and it's only across the river and so we went using a long concrete pedestrian bridge. 
A local took the liberty to take us to the place. Thank you Sir.
A view of the fishermen's town from the pedestrian bridge.
Wow another coincidence we bumped into a group of cyclists from Bukit Mertajam and they there for a night stay in this fishing village. What a wonderful way to spend their weekend...cheers!
A Chinese temple by the River Kurau and that's the place we will be resting...yahooo!
Next to where we enjoyed our nice iced coffee and cucuk udang, betting on fighting fish was on high stake. There ain't no horse racing in Kuala Kurau but fighting fish. 
Everyone was engrossed with the local food and of course one must not miss the popular iced coffee when you are at this place.
While the crew were busy with their work I had a good siesta by the breezy river side. This KK detour clocked at least an additional of 40km for the day.
I always enjoy passing by small towns seeing the old timber shops and it brings me memories of Padang Serai during the 70's.
Tanjung Piandang after a distance of 65km and still a long way to go.
The road at the kampong is always nice to cycle always with shady trees along the sides of the road.
Selamat Datang to Nibong Tebal 高淵 and our climb to greet the iconic bridge.
At 81km distance we reached this bridge, another 26km to Bukit Mertajam.
Friends from KL and Penang were waiting for us at Sungai Jawi and together we rode to north of the Peninsula. Later we parted they went to Butterworth and we went to BM.
Eventually I could sensed that Bukit Mertajam is around the corner.
We had the longest ride for the entire 7 days 107km and finally we reached Bukit Mertajam. Well done Teammates the toughest is over!
The 107km journey from Kuala Sepetang to Bukit Mertajam.

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