Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Day Has Finally Come for CFAL4 Penang & How I did it.

The long awaited day has finally come, many of us have prepared in a way or two for this event. Here is my perspective based on my pace.
5:00am - Allan & Ho Lin waited for me at Farlim Petronas Station at 4:45am and we rode to Jelutong to regroup with some local friends.
6:30am - Many friends from Kuala Lumpur were there.
These ladies are also from Kuala Lumpur.
7:00am - The event started on time and watch out for this Go he is fast.
My brothers were also in this grand event Yong Lim, Ho Lim & Allan.
7:20am - Cruising steadily along the highway near Jelutong.
7:30am - Still on the Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu Expressway.
7:40am - I began to witness troubles encountered by cyclists and many with flat tyres problem.
7:40am - This one looks serious I do not know what happened but the saddle went missing.
7:45am - Queensbay Mall
7:50am - South Bay
8:20am - We were stalled here for a while at Teluk Kumbar due to a fatal accident.
8:30am We resumed and this road accident was really bad but nothing involving the cyclists. Thank goodness.
8:40am - It was the start of the first long climb many pushed and I was glad I could managed it. Thanks to all the training at Bukit Damansara & Ulu Langat.
Apparently this newly built road helps make it safer and easier to climb. It was scenic and I had an enjoyable climb.
I was amazed by this young boy one hand on the handle the other checking smses. He rides well with confidence.
9:05am - A couple on a tandem bike, well done and I can see that them enjoying the fun.
9:25am - my first stop for an isotonic drink @ Balik Pulau, the free drinks at the drink stations were all finished by the time I reached there.
9:35am - Jalan Sungai Rusa
9:45am - To the left is to Jalan Kuala Sg Pinang but we went straight.
9:45am - Going ahead into Jalan Telok Bahang
There were many cyclists stopped over here for food and drinks and after this point it was a tough ride, the second climb to Titi Kerawang.

9:50am - I got excited when I saw this lorry sweeping "gave-up" cyclists.
Full load of gave-up cyclists on the way to the finishing line.
9:55am - This is the road of Jalan Teluk Bahang and the climb is covered with matured trees, the climb is tough but manageable.
One of the biggest challenge of the ride.
10:05am - Titi Kerawang Waterfall
10:30am - Teluk Bahang Dam
10:40am - Teluk Bahang town for food and drink.
10:50 - In front of Caltex Station Jalan Teluk Bahang, a cyclist with No.0105 seen sitting on the road side for energy bar.
11:10am - Park Royal Hotel with a drink station in front of it (Batu Ferringhi) .
11:35am - Straits Quay Shopping Mall.
11:40am - Fettes Zone.
11:57am - The ultimate point and the finishing line.
We did it. And I did it my way with a time of 4hrs 57mins.
What a feeling!!!
Lucky draw time.
Congratulation to Team Ori the fastest clocked 2hr 55mins and averagely 3hrs 30minutes. Well Done.
Lunch with Ori Team at Cecil Street
Dinner with Ori Team at Sunshine Bay at Tanjung Bungah, Thanks Jeff Yap for the recommendation.
Thank you G Club Penang....I shall return.

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