Friday, August 05, 2016

Day 15 Korea Cycling Adventure - Shopping @ Busan

Good morning Busan it was our second morning in Dong Yang Motel.
To look for breakfast in the early where we were staying was not easy but not impossible, we found this quiet place selling noodle and the only thing we were concerned was the noodle has to be warm and not the cold type.
We started combing the areas of Busan Chinatown checking whether there are any interesting places we can shop and slowly we rode towards Nampo-dong a place that was ideal for the day.
And the shopping begins for these three ladies who came with empty bags in front of their bicycles.
We were actually at Gwangbok-dong shopping paradise.
I guess this a must visit street especially if you are thinking to shop. It is located near Nampo Dong Station surrounded with popular markets (like Jagalchi & Gukje) and park.
Their main targets were the cosmetic shops and I just have to leave them alone and go else where instead of waiting for them to finish.
This guy have managed to attract the three ladies into the shop and bought something.
While they were happily buying cosmetic products,  I went burrowing into the busy streets and picked up a few items in the stalls. I also went checking for interesting places and found a corner with several stalls selling shaved ice dessert (just like our Malaysian Ice Kacang)
The Korean shaved ice dessert Patbingsu 팥빙수 stall in action.
So much of street shopping, we decided to visit this Lotte Mart in this building next Taejong road, beside is Yeongdodaegyo Bridge.
Yeongdodaegyo Bridge (영도대교) that lifts up at one side to allow vessels to pass once everyday at exactly 2.00pm to 2.15pm. By accident, we were fortunate to witness it our timing was perfect.
Enjoying our lunch in the food court.
There was no hassle at all with our folded bicycles in the busy shopping mall and parking neatly next to where we were eating.
The ladies were fully satisfied with their purchases and heading back to the motel.
  I noticed that behind Lotte Mart there is a lane for cycling and decided to check it out whether it could take us back to Dong Yang Motel. 
After a crossing from the mall we resumed the journey back on the red lane.
The lane passes by the ports with anglers patiently fishing at the edge.
Yes we finally reached Busan Station where our rooms were waiting for us to rest. I started to organise our stuff and started to slowly pack them.
On the next day we woke early as usual and getting ready to go back home. These was our stuff and bicycles that we have to bring back to Malaysia, Joe & Anne decided to pack their at the bus top while the rest of us have already packed.
It was a short struggle dragging our luggage to the bus stop. The distance between Busan Station and the airport is about less than 20km. Finally our Airport Limousine bus came on the dot.
We arrived at Gimhae International Airport safely but feeling sad that we have to leave Korea but on the hindsight we will be going back for our delicious Malaysian food. 
It was good bye to South Korea, we had a wonderful 16 days in this country together with our Bromptons and I hope to come back again to see more of South Korea til then we shall see you again. Maybe Jeju Island.

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