Thursday, August 11, 2016

Restoran Apa Khabar 老北村家煲仔堂, Kepong Baru

Apa Khabar a new kid in town? Well, this restaurant is relatively new nearly 4 months old. It was nice to meet up golfing friends for a lunch with Jan, Seiw Wah & Jimmy. Kepong Baru is pretty small and finding the place was easy.
Stir fried lotus root, french bean and petai with sambal belacan served in claypot. By the way all dishes here are served with claypot or plates.
Another veggie, kangkung stir fried with small dried shrimp, crunchy and tasty.
Steamed egg with three pieces of black organic tofu on top of the smooth and soft egg. 
Steamed Tilapia with lots of crushed garlic& Chinese wine served in claypot, I simply love the gravy or rather the soup. Next round I would love to try a patin fish instead of tilapia. I am rating this as the best dish on this table. 
Braised pork knuckle sinfully presented for our savoury. Though it was heavy for a lunch but the taste was right and delicious.
Steamed mantou buns to go the the braised knuckle.
Jan must be a regular customer, she got a complimentary steamed minced meat just like what we have it at home.
The owner/chef is a man full of tattoos and a man who takes part in Chinese food competition.

Restoran Apa Khabar 
No.22,Jalan Kepong Baru,Jalan Ambong Kiri 1

52100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 014-9727-439 / 013-3656-872
GPS : 3.210131, 101.646775
Off on Monday.

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