Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Genting Sempah - Revisit 2016

It's Sunday and CFAL 8 was another 7 days away, I felt Jo needed another training and we reluctantly got ourselves out of the bed and drove to Hospital Orang Asli for the ride.
Last January I used a MTB it was easy but this round I felt it was tougher, could it be my age is catching up or maybe it's the small wheeler that isn't good enough to climb.,,, hehehe.
We had a few stops as uncle and aunty were tired and needed a break.
Jo managed to complete the ride and was rewarded with a good breakfast and again it was waffle & porridge to share.
I was happy to meet some friends on this beautiful morning, the first was Sin Leng. 
And later on the way back we bumped into the "Cari Pasal" gang.
Apparently Mc Donald's has been giving free drink for cyclists for the quite some time, well done Mc Donald's I am sure cyclists love the idea and will continue to patronise the place for a good refreshment and rest.
 Then we rode back together with our friends.
Generally it a great place to cycle despite the climb but nevertheless it is a good training ground. The only thing I like to say is that the road condition is getting bad and I hope the local authority could re-surface it for a better cycling. And rubbish dumping is so rampant along the route, this need to be .

At the end of it was a satisfying ride though painful but I am glad we did it. I hope Jo can complete the coming CFAL 8 in Penang.

The Route of 34KM. 17KM uphill and 17KM downhill.

A video of our previous attempt dated January 2016 on the same route to Genting Sempah.

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