Friday, September 02, 2016

Brompton Pearl of the Orient Ride 2016

A total of 114 people participated in this long awaited event coming from Thailand, Philippines, Singapore and the various states in the country as far as Kuching, Sarawak. Indeed the respond was good. Let's ride Brompton.
Many of us from Kuala Lumpur stayed at Ryokan Muntri and were ready to go in the early morning.
The meeting place was at Tanjung City Marina at Weld Quay Road. The leader gave a briefing and followed by a group photo session. 
We then headed to Beach Street for a breakfast before we cross over to the mainland.
A visit to Sri Weld Food Court at Beach Street for the popular Ali Nasi Lemak Bungkus.
Ali Nasi Lemak is served in pack form with banana leave and its has a variety of toppings for you to select. The rice grains are distinguishedly loose and I like it very much.
Should you want to pay a visit to check out this nasi lemak, this might be a help to you. It is located at this point GPS: 5.417881, 100.342722
One hundred over folding bicycles appearing at Penang Ferry Terminal and boarding a ferry to Butterworth. I guess it was a rare sight at the terminal.
The ferry terminal is next to Butterworth Outer Ring Road and our direction was north bound heading to Sg Dua or Tasek Gelugur.
We were welcomed by a serene kampong road quiet and lovely to cycle after passing by Sg. Dua town.
We have arrived at Kg. Guar Petai covered paddy fields and Malay houses.
At the junction is the road leading to a brick factory. A regroup was called before everyone continue into the site.
The route passes a clay brick factory, it was wet and at time we have to pushed our bikes.
As I were cycling along this earth road I recalled the days when I was in Padang Serai where the exposed ground is of red coloured earth and Padang Serai is not too far from this beautiful terrain.
It was less 2km from the junction we found ourselves hiking into higher levels, taking photos and obviously having a great time.
Some refer this place as Guar Perahu as it is also near Taman Guar Perahu.
The crafted landscape terrain was a result of excavation of clay material over the years for brick making. Some also referred as Bukit Tok Alang.
An ideal view from higher level and amazingly it is such a gem at a place close to where I was born and it's only lately I knew of it. Thank you once again Brompton Penang for organising this ride.
Coming back from Kg Guar Petai was a bit disorganised some were fast and some were slow. Some used the side entrance of the Ferry Terminal and some went up the ramp for the ferry tickets. Nevertheless it was another discovery of how to cycle into the jetty and most importantly all were safe and enjoyed the visit. Jo waiting for an unguarded train to cross before arriving at the jetty.
A photo with Larry (lead rider) and friends from Thailand.
The route we took for the day for an amazing visit.
A clip of the ride.

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