Saturday, September 17, 2016

Yong Peng Fish Ball, Melaka Raya

There was one day I went up to Melaka recently for an appointment with a client from JB where I took the chance to meet up a cyclist friend for a makan together before the appointment. Kong took me to this popular Fish Balls shop at Melaka Raya.
Apart from the usual noodles you can add on more ingredients to your noodle. I had a few pieces of Yong Tau Foo.
Looks like our Ringgit is shrinking so is the fish balls, one of us was taking dry mee while the other was savouring its curry noodle. Besides these there are also noodles like red wine mee sua and Fu Chew noodle. 
I quite enjoy the curry taste with fish balls beside the usual cockles, bean sprouts and taupok. The curry is rich and delicious.
Kong's dry mee with minced meat together with his selected fish balls.
Yong Peng Fish Ball
Melaka Raya
GPS : 2.186625, 102.257821

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