Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Vive Green Market @ KLPAC Sentul

Good Morning Kuala Lumpur, it's a beautiful Sunday morning.
Vive Green Market is co-founded by several independent and essential snack foods’ brand in Malaysia, led by Vie Verte and hopefully it will encourage more Malaysians to jump on the bandwagon. Let's go green.
It was after a car free morning I decided to invite some friends to visit KLPAC for a green indulgence. And 4 lovely ladies came along.
Let's us enjoy Kuala Lumpur with fun and healthy living, go cycling whenever you can especially on a car free morning. So no more excuses of road safety on an event of such.
The car free morning ended at 9.00am and we were off to Sentul via Raja Laut Road and Ipoh Road.
There are about 60 different stalls comprising of local agriculture’s products, local independent food and beverages products, local independent handcraft, NGO and etc etc making the event an interesting one.
I was hungry and wasted no time looking for food. Of course the foods were green and healthy I had this brown rice with sambal. Yummy leh....
smile, donate and pass it around ...... 
it is surely contagious.....
 There were many stalls that go with "grow local", "buy local" and "eat local". It is surely a better future. 
These youngsters getting prepared for their live performance on the park.
I could see the kids enjoying themselves with so many activities for them to take part.
We had a good fun time too at the market and hopefully more of such activities to come by in the near future.
After the food and shopping everyone of us had to buy a bag each before we leave the park.
I was glad that these ladies enjoyed their marketing, be happy and continue cycling.
A clip of these ladies cycling to a green market.


Property Malaysia said...

Viva Green Market is an awesome place.
Nice people. Splendid event.
Well done.
Our family and friends enjoyed it.

With love,
Property Malaysia

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