Sunday, December 09, 2007

Happy 80th Birthday Madam Fam Tong Moi

It was a surprise birthday dinner for Leong Yew Kooi’s mother and was held at Dynasty, Renaissance Hotel.

Madam Fam was born in the year 1927, December 12.

The Leong family put up a good and memorable night with video presentation and musical show by the grand children themselves. What a great effort by them, I really enjoyed the evening.

Grandsons with bouquet of flowers waiting at the aisle for Grandma.

The arrival of Madam Fam.
That was the Lover boy, Mr. Leong
Yew Kooi delivering his welcome speech.
Pei Yan & Jo Yi.
Enjoy the wine & food.
Double boiled shark’s fin soup with pigeon & shrimp wanton.
Steamed Soon Hock fish.
Dr. Leong & friends.
Braised abalone slice, goose web & mushroom with vegetables.
Poached farm chicken with Chinese wine dried scallop.
Longevity Bun.
Jo yi rendering a song for Grandma.
Talented grandchildren performing for the night.
Jin Ean waiting for dinner to be served.

Time to celebrate with the birthday cake
One for the album Leong’s family.

On the way back, I was admiring the night beauty of the country's Twin Tower.

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