Monday, December 31, 2007

Year End Celebration @ Lai Yoong's Place

This year end celebration at Lai Yoong's house is rather unique where it is just like a 4 in 1 thing. Two birthdays to celebrate for Mr. Teoh Ah Geok & Hwee Wen, Christmas & New Year bash and the retirement of Ping Wah 's restaurant business after more 35 years. And time to relax...No more "Hor Lan Shi Chee Yoke" & "Mah Yeaw Yee" for a long long time to come.
The highlight of the night was the gifts presentation, all sponsored by our generous Lai Yoong. A big thank you to her on behalf of all the recipients.1st Recipient - Zu Yi2nd Recipient - Kelvin Yap a.k.a. Ahow 3rd Recipient - Grace Yap 4th Recipient - Xiang Yi 5th Recipient - Shou Yi 6th Recipient - Wei Loong
7th Recipient - Chu Luei
8th Recipient - Wei Xiang9th Recipient - Khek Tjian 10th Recipient - Hwee Wen 11th Recipient and the last - Khek Yang
The Co-Coordinator of the Gifts preparation and giving.
There were golf balls for golfers too. Siean Sin on the grab.The fun card game.
Time to sing and cut the cake.Mr. Teoh and the "Charlie Angels"
TV programme "X-Men" caught the attention of this group.

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