Monday, November 10, 2008

For the LoVe of Palm Smartphone

I first started using a Palm PDA on 27 Nov 2001 and it was a M100 model then updated to M130 on September 2002. On May 2004 I changed to Treo Handspring 270 and followed by a Treo 650 on 6 November 2006. After all these years of using Palm devices running on Palm operating system I was sort of used to it and was relying heavily on this small gadget in my daily work. From Treo Handspring onwards it was not only a PDA but it was also a smartphone. I quite like Treo 650 with the good battery talk time but only set back was its tiny weenie antenna.
I realized that Palm operating system PDA was running out of steam and is very slow in their launching of new products. And moreover, Palm was slowly shifting to Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system. I thought I was on a fix and went round asking for advice of converting all my data to Microsoft Windows system so that I will be able to enjoy and have more choices of smart phone in the near future. You can imagine the amount of data like contact and calendar I was carrying and cannot imagine to start afresh specially the contacts I have since 2001. Sometimes, I was also like a walking phone directory; friends would call me up for whom and who's phone number. Daniel the one who sold me the Palm Pro (running on Microsoft Windows obviously) told me that I got 2,000 odds contacts in my phone and said that it was pretty huge a number for any single phone user. By the way I just changed it on this day on 10 November 2008.
The only dislike was, I got to learn and get use to Microsoft operating system in my new hand phone. Hope I am not wrong in deciding to convert to Microsoft Windows and has to say sorry to Palm for changing the operating system after all these years (only 8 years love affair).

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