Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Remember OTS Restaurant at Bukit Tinggi Village, Pahang.

Yes that is the name of the restaurant “Remember OTS Restaurant” and I am back again to this shop and my last visit to this place was probably a year ago, see HERE. There are so many eating shops now in this village and it is always better to partonise one that you are familiar.
Fried Udon noodle was delicious not oily and a great choice to satisfy our appetite. And a simple fried rice of Remember OTS.
Stir fried Sweet potato leaves & “Thian Chart” a slimy & succulent vegetable which is a locally grown veggie in this village.
Poached Kampung (village) chicken was delicious though the meat was slightly tough. This lovely ginger sauce went very well with the chicken meat.
“Lim Yee” or known as Tapah Fish, a river fish normally big in size and meaty. We had a Tapah fish head cooked in hot clay pot. There were lots of meat and jelly like cartilage in the pot.
Yummy stewed Pork belly with alternate slices of yam and White Tofu with small dried shrimps on top.  
At last a sweet Hawaiian Solo papaya to complete our makan at Bukit Tinggi Village.
Restoran OTS

P16 Pesoana heights

Bukit Tinggi Village


Tel: 09-233-0058

016- 959-0126

GPS : 3.354176,101.827165


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