Saturday, November 20, 2010

North Korean Cuisine at Ampang Road, Kuala Lumpur

Calvin was in the mood for some Korean food and we were told of this unique place at Jalan Ampang, a North Korean joint, the one and only one in Malaysia.

A group of us was sort of in North Korea as we stepped into the building. Especially the minute the beautiful North Korean ladies cladded in traditional Korean costume greeted us.

We were in foreign ground and no photography allowed on the waitresses, menu no problem.

 Thinly sliced pork belly went well with our whisky & Grilled beef was delicious, tender, tasty and smells good.

Pyongyang Iced Noodle was special, interesting and nice to eat.

Kimchi is not a complimentary dish you more you pick the more you pay…..

 Another 2 dishes of meat a cold dish and a fabulous mutton cuisine.

 Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup was very delicious and had lot of oomph in it. That’s my portion. I love it.

Sauteed sliced mushroom does not look like mushroom on the plate but it was a gorgeous dish indeed. And once eaten then it’s registered as mushroom.

Calvin ordered squids for a friend who love to eat squids and we have hot plate squids and squids stuffed with rice. Both were good and delicious.

We can really eat. We ate so much already and order again for a vegetable pan cake…someone has to bungkus back….

And if you are adventurous enough try their spirit ….. all here for you to pick. Enjoy also an hour cultural and stage show performed by the multi role waitresses themselves. That’s how it works in a communist’s country.

Pyonyang Restaurant
290A Lorong Palas
Off jalan Ampang
Tel: 4257-9986
Behind BP Petrol Station, near Gleneagles Hospital.
GPS : 3.161156,101.740999


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JenNg said...


How to set the GPS location.
Noted when I access the longtitude & latitude, there is the four directions, N, S, E & W.

Thks a lot & look fwd to yr guidance