Saturday, November 06, 2010

A Reluctant Hair Cut Near an Approaching Long School Holiday

Zu Yi after his hair cut @ Kwik Cut with his brother Xiang Yi.
That was a quick RM13.00 hair cut.
Front view – Before & After.
Side View – Before & After.
Rear View - Before & After.
A leading express hair cut chain store in Malaysia for the whole family, Kwik Cut provides speedy, hygienic and clean service at your convenience. Each haircut is priced at an affordable RM13.

There are at least 25 outlets in Klang Valley and my son wanted to cut here instead of the conventional Indian Barber shop near our house. And cost wise is RM13 instead of RM6.00. Kids today are different from our times.


Wan Mokhtar Bin Awg.Ramlee Al-Sambas @ Dave Li Wanji said...

But in our times Tamilians (Indians) are!? errrr i hate to say (juz look at Soosilawati)....

Sin Tai Lim said...

Wan - Indian barbers in KL are mostly from India, guess the locals have venture to other fields.