Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Lovely Nasi Bariani Gam Johore @ Section 13, Shah Alam

I took an opportunity to meet my friends from Sultan Badlishah School, Kulim, Kedah at Shah Alam. Unfortunately as Kedahan we did not choose any Kedah cuisine (maybe the next time). We opted for a Johore Nasi Briyani Gam at Section 13. Pak Anjang is a popular Nasi Briyani Gam in Shah Alam.

Every one of us chose Nasi Bariani Gam Kambing (mutton) except me I took Nasi Bariani Ayam (chicken). The briyani rice is not as oily as most biryani found in Indian Muslim (mamak) shops. The aroma was lovely and appetising. I love it.

The mutton was said to be good and I could not resist but to try a piece. It was fabulous and definitely a better choice than chicken. No wonder most of them ordered mutton.

These were the 4 friends from northern state of Peninsula Malaysia. From left are Thinakaran Shamugam, Tai Lim, Captain Mahamood Ibrahim & Abdul Rashid Haniff.

It was obviously a satisfying lunch and also a wonderful meeting of old pals. Thanks to Alageswaran for taking the shots but of course it was Thina the master of photography who arranged for the picture taking.

Mug shots by Thina.

 Pak Anjang Bariani Johore
44 Jalan 13/30 Seksyen 13,
40100 Shah Alam. 

GPS : 3.089662,101.546638

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