Monday, December 27, 2010

Fried Porridge @ Serdang, Kedah.

Ever wonder how a fried porridge looks like??? I did wonder & I found & I ate. It was great. At last I managed to savour the wonder of fried porridge at Serdang. An approximately 40 minutes drive from Kulim and it was worth the drive. This is the restaurant, Fong Ting Siew a name you have to remember if you want to eat this delicacy. There is another place in Serdang selling the same dish & apparently the original birth place.

Kerabu apple salad is magnificent. What a great & simple salad with dried cuttlefish crisp. Must try!!!

Here you are, the fried porridge. It was very tasty and I love it very much. It has plentiful ingredients in it such as dried shrimps, shredded meat, maybe lard and others. The fragrant is so nice & appetizing.

Assam Prawn was superbly delicious. The prawns were fresh & succulent cooked with lot of lard. Very very good……..

Tom Yam Prawn another fresh seafood but Assam Prawn was better.

Ginger & lemon grass deep fried pork rib is another fantastic dish, tender & yummy.

Cockles were small in size that evening, could be better if they were bigger. The sweet and sour sauce was good & different.

Fong Ting Siew fried rice was an additional order and it was also lovely.

Sweet potato leaves fried with belacan & prawns were as delicious as the rest.


位于 71AJalan Raya, Taman Melur ,09800 Serdang ,Kedah.
Tel : 04-4077939

GPS : 5.20444, 100.61105


Somewhere in Singapore said...

I saw my favourite prawns!!!

nadz said...

Dear Tai Lim,

About fried porridge tu,
what is fried..the rice?
The colour of the fried porridge mcm bubur kacang..