Sunday, December 19, 2010

Marketing on a Weekend Morning @ Sri Rampai, Kuala Lumpur

Every Sunday or Saturday morning I will have to visit a market to purchase fresh food for the house. Thank goodness my mother has been doing this chore for the last one month but unfortunately she will be going back to Penang soon and I will have to take over again for such chores.

Most of the times we will visit the Sri Rampai market and sometime at the other market @ Air Panas. The one at Sri Rampai is operating on the street with no proper marketing facilities provided. It is absurd to see such market using road sides with vehicles moving up and down on the road. Whereas in Air Panas the market is properly housed in a building designed for such function.

Here to you can pick the green vegetables and you can also pick cheap & fashionable clothings.

If you are looking for spices, dry sundries, potatoes, canned stuffed etc etc then try this stall. And this is our favourite chicken stall, if I were to buy I would just buy 2 birds for a week but if my mother is buying she will have various combinations of chicken parts.

Fresh fishes & prawns sold on the road side without any stall, they have been doing this way for a long time. And next to this couple is this young man selling live frogs. This sight is not so pleasant for some people.

Dragon fruits, pineapples and other local fruits are aplenty.

Imported fruits are also available, cheaper and well assorted than those in big departmental stores. If you are hungry there are many food stalls such as this Yong Tau Foo & Chee Cheong Fun mobile stall.
Vegetables for ulam and kampong fruits are found over here and nasi Lemak bungkus for a quick purchase or meal.

This stall at the butchery corner serves very delicious roast pig. Just look at the queue. Peanut pancakes stall is also popular runs by a father, mother & son team.

Another Chee Cheong Fun stall which my sons like it very much especially his fried wanton (dumplings). Opposite it is the Roast duck stall runs by an old but strong aunty.

Other stalls like fish balls or even prayers stuffs such as joss sticks are also available….. at times you will be surprised to see things sold at this market. It is always interesting coming to this market.

A typical Malaysian Market in Malaysia, you don’t see it in USA, Europe, Middle East, China or Australia.
Morning Market
@ Jalan Rejang
Sri Rampai
Kuala Lumpur
GPS : 3.191511,101.72727

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