Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Back to Exercise & Preparing for more Parties this coming Chinese New Year

It is already the second week of 2011, I have been procrastinating on my exercise plan and I was happy I was able to walk 9 holes of golf at Rahman Putra today. I hope I can walk more and get into the groove of exercising. It has been one and half month without any exercise and it is good to be back.
I joined my friends whom have been religiously walking on Tuesdays & Thursdays and the tee off time is fixed at 7.00a.m. The sky was still dark and yet keen golfers were waiting to "hoy ball" (tee off) the minute the sky is visible.

Even the snail takes a slowly crawl but it is still an exercise on the golf course.

It was a beautiful morning with birds chirping & a perfect cooling weather with lots of dew on the green.

Trendy senior golfers – “gaya ada”  

A good golf ethic is necessary where you have to carry a small bucket of sand to repair divots where required.

And the lady blows dry the green for you to put.

It was a good attempt, less than a putter length and it’s given.


Faizul said...

The walk is Good for you Tai Lim, here in Kuantan the monsoon rain has caused the Royal Pahang Course to be waterlogged rendering in unplayable.

Hope to start walking soon.

Sin Tai Lim said...

Faizul - hope we will walk together in the name of golf game.

Hemraj said...

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