Sunday, January 30, 2011

Swee Kang Chiew Dinner for Chinese New Year @ Home

Chinese New Year is near the corner and as usual there will be lot of eating and eating. This is what Chinese New Year is all about. This “Reunion Dinner” with my in-laws or rather I call it the “Swee Kang Chiew” dinner was held at our house instead of going to a restaurant.

In a few days time every one will be going back to their respective home towns for the spring festival celebration. Some of us are going back to Bagan Serai, some Muar and some going to Singapore.

There wasn’t much of a preparation for this dinner we have it generally a Pot Luck mode and it turn out to be a meaty dinner. My father in law who is still good with his kitchen prowess helped us out in some of the last minute cooking.

What a meaty dinner but it was a fabulous meal for every one of us.
There were white wines for the fish cakes, red wine for the roasted duck, beer and whiskey for the roasted pork belly. I hope every one had a good evening & dinner for this special occasion of Chinese New Year.

Roasted pork belly slab was bought from Ah Bing Chicken Rice of Sri Rampai. Even though it was prepared in the morning, the crispiness of this Siew Yok was still there for us to enjoy.

Hock Chew fish balls with minced meat soup in the balls was cooked at home and it was a delicious soup.

Beggar chicken ordered from Restoran New Heong Kee of Ulu Klang. The chicken was still warm when we broke clay cast. It was interesting with it unusual way of savouring this food.

So was this fish cake delicacy from Heong Kee.

This BBQ Char Siew was a killer, every one liked it so much, it actually melts in the mouth and was skillfully home cooked by Ah Chan. We want more.

The famous roast duck from Loong Foong of Paramount Garden was also made available on the table. The duck meat was awesome.

The trouble and hassle of preparing beggar’s chicken at MRR2, Ulu Kelang.

My lovely wife Jo was surprised with a birthday cake at the end of the dinner. Thank you to Hwee Wen for the secret arrangement of the yummy cake. And a hApPy HaPpy BirThDay to Heong.

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