Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Restaurant Highland Fish @ Medan Putra Business Centre, Kuala Lumpur

This shop has been in operation for at least 5 months and business is not as good as it is expected. I was recommended by a friend staying in this surrounding. The food is good but it is a pity that the business is not so encouraging. I would recommend to all friends to visit this place and you would be surprised that it is worth a visit.

All the tilapia fishes sold here are bred at the highland of Bukit Tinggi, Pahang. So are the vegetables served in this restaurant.

Minced Ginger Sauce – The most favourite taste of all the steamed Tilapia fishes found at this restaurant. The chopped ginger is interesting and coupled with the small & powerful chilli. It is magnificent.

Basil Leave Sauce - I would reckon this is the least popular dish, not many people like the taste of basil leaves (especially Malaysian).

The Original Sauce version with topping of chili padi is also tasty.

Stir fried sweet potato leaves (RM8.00)

Stir fried French bean “Gui Dao Miao” (RM8.00) from the Highland of Bukit Tinggi. Crunchy & delicious.

Bean curd Tofu with minced meat (RM8.00)

Country side stewed pork belly (RM15.00) was also a lovely dish.

“San Bei” Chicken in claypot (RM18.00) or rice wine chicken with soy sauce was gorgeous.

They called it “Rainbow egg” which is a steamed egg dish with three type of eggs i.e. normal egg, century egg and salted egg. All in a small bowl for RM2.00 and it is a good bargain no doubt about it. Just like the Japanese Chawanmushi but of different version. A must try dish.

Restaurant Highland Fish
61, Jalan Medan Putra 1
 Medan Putra Business Centre
Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-6272-4492
GPS : 3.191613,101.62575

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Julian Si said...

Always saddens me when a restaurant tries so hard, and has good food ... but people just don't come!

Fish looks very fresh :-)

Happy New Year to you too!