Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Great Outing @ Awana Genting Highland Golf & Country Resort

Playing golf in Malaysia is always lovely and playing golf on the highlands of Malaysia is superbly lovely. The weather was excellent.
The scenery of Awana Genting Highland is beautiful and the condition of the golf course is good despite it was a wet condition after an over night down pour.
I enjoyed the game very much and most importantly the companionship was fun.
We had our food at Bukit Tinggi New Village and this steamed Soon Hock fish was awesome.
Beehoon soup with frog meat and Bukit Tinggi popular veggie "Tian Chak" .

Stir fried French beans with deep fried pork belly.
I like to come to this shop @ Bukit Tinggi for my makan, it is just facing the main road and you need not have to drive further in for food.
Restoran OTS

P16 Pesoana heights
Bukit Tinggi Village
Tel: 09-233-0058
016- 959-0126
GPS : 3.354176,101.827165

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