Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lee Kee Prawn Mee @ Seremban Town

I stumbled into this old prewar shophouse at Jalan Dato Bandar Tunggal, Seremban old town and was attracted by this prawn stall. “Luan Heng” is an old long shop with old and classic floor mosaic which you cannot get it in this present time.
I will try the other 2 noodles of Lee Kee on my future trips,
The only stall in this old coffee shop of Seremban. I bet it was a robust place during the olden times.
The utensils are old.
The coffee maker is also elderly and the coffee tasted wonderful.
The chilli paste is superb and truly spicy and challenging. 4 tooth picks were served without any request and never have I experience such a service.
It is really a fascinating experience to check out prawn mee in Seremban town and it was amazingly good. If the prawns were to be fresher that would make it a perfect bowl of prawn noodle.
An interesting bowl of Prawn Noodle found in Seremban spicy and with lots of ingredients in it such as cuttle fish, pig intestine, fish cake. poached pork belly, kangkung, taugeh and all for RM5.00 (small portion)

Lee Kee Big Prawn Mee,
Luan Heng Coffee Shop
67, Jalan Dato bandar Tunggal
Seremban (Near OCBC Bank)
GPS : 2.724601,101.938898

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