Sunday, August 07, 2011

Korean Special BBQ formerly Woo Ga Chon, Ampang

A new sign board at this Korean BBQ shop which apparently has a new operator since a month ago.
If you are looking for this signage...sorry lah it is being replaced with the one above.
Private room with mini telescopic chimney...
Some of the complimentary Kim Chi
Sam Gyup Sal (layered pork belly) & Mok Deung Sim (pork loin) on the BBQ grating.
Korean wine Soju - went pretty well with the BBQ.
Kim Chi Jji Gae - it is hot & spicy that is my favourite with kim chi, meat, tofu etc etc in it... lovely soup.
Den Jang JJi Bae - a plainer soup of bean paste something like "miso soup" but this is Korean miso soup if you don't fancy a hot & spicy soup then try this.
Sun Du Bu JJi Gae - a hot & spicy tofu soup with seafood, mushroom & veggie. Delicious and went well with the glutinous rice.
Onion & spring spring for the beef stomach BBQ.
Dae Ji Mang Chang - Barbequed Beef stomach it was rubbery & tough.
Steam egg in clay pot .... great and lovely taste of this hot egg.
the pork neck or known as Hang Jeong Sal RM24.00
Korean Special BBQ (Woo Ga Chon)
G-20 Jalan Sulaiman 1
Taman Putra 
Tel : 4270-4211
GPS : 3.150971, 101.748659

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