Friday, September 02, 2011

Day 2 - Club Med Cherating - Tree Top Challenge Course

Good Morning I am ready for the day .....
Let's have a good breakfast first.
A glimpse of the spread for breakfast ....

The early group for yoga exercise at the beach.
Tree Top Challenge
The brave ones.
Briefing by Ranger
Sarah waiting for us up the tree.
Group by group Ranger will brief everyone to ensure safety is adhered.
I am waiting to be equipped for the action.
Now I got my gloves.....
Albert came later to join us.
Wong Kok Chai was punished for not reaching the last platform.
Ranger has to push Kok Chai home.
Hook on to the safety rope before you are allowed to ascend.
Here I go up to see Sarah.
Sarah welcoming me at the first platform.
Albert completing the final slide to home.
At last I managed to reach the final point there were moments of some troubling thought while maneuvering this challenge. It was fun indeed.

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