Sunday, September 04, 2011

Day 3 - Leaving Club Med Cherating 01 September 2011

Here I am waiting for the sun to rise in the early morning at the East Coast of Penisular Malaysia.
I was patiently waiting and merely listening to the sound of sea waves coming to the shore.
At last you appear.... bright & strong.
There is nothing that is disturbing this Tai Chi man, it`s only the sound of sea waves and finally the sun that came & shine upon him.
Our Room D1142.
I missed this trapeze fun ...
Let have fun in the swimming pool with the kids.
We were testing whether our waterproof casing for the camera is still working.

The daddy is having a good time too.
Zu Yi like the idea being behind bars.
Yeo & his 2 children
Brother & Sister
Goodbye Club Med and I do not know when I will came back again. The first time was in 1982, the second was 1995 (see here) and currently 2011. Looks like it takes 10 over years to make my re-visit.

Cherating Beach Club Med
29th mile, Jalan Kuantan Kemaman
Kuantan 26080,  
GPS : 4.14179,103.407932

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