Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Restoran Ping Wah Revisit by Former Proprietor

The original proprietor came back as customer to savour food that they used to serve the people of Petaling Jaya.
Some of the original items in the shop are still there such as the wall menu, the marble table and even the musician who used to entertain the diners.
Hor Lan Shi Chee Yok - the signature dish of Restoran Ping Wah. Since the new proprietor has taken over the business the quality of of this dish has improved satisfactorily though not 100% like the previous time.

Braised Chicken with Choy Poh topping was a favourite among the diners.
A simple Fried Eggs with Choy Poh but was very delicious ... according to Hoo Lala, it's the "Wok Hei" that makes the different.
Pig's tendons with pineapple & spring onions is apparently a popular dish in this present Ping Wah
Deep Fried Duck served pickles. The meat was a bit dry but tasty and paired very well with our concoction of Tiger & Guinness Stout.
Red Snapper fried with Tofu & preserved beans
Mr. Teoh Ah Geok was like Colonel Sanders of Ping Wah Restaurant. The people around Paramount Garden knows him well and he is always smiling. "Colonel Teoh" was happy to be back in Ping Wah with his entire ex-squad of Ping Wah.
Jimmy & Ah Chan analysing the present Hor Lan Si Chee Yok.... it was a daily affair for them during those years in this shop.
Most of the people here have certain degree of nostalgic feeling of this place. Probably missing the place where they used to grow up. Anyway it was a good evening for a sweet memory of Ping Wah.
Restoran Ping Wah
31, Jalan 20/16
Paramount Garden
Petaling Jaya
GPS : 3.107009,101.624022

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