Friday, September 16, 2011

Tembak Fishball Noodle @ Senawang Jaya, Negeri Sembilan

The likely food search you can get from Google would possibly be Asia Curry mee as far as Senawang is concerned. But I reckon this shop is much more interesting than the over rated curry noodle.
It is situated along the same block as Restoran Asia Curry Mee @ Taman Senawang Jaya and I bet you would agree with me the good quality fishball noodle found here.
The history of Tembak fishball is also interesting as you can read it from this photo taken from the menu of this eating shop. Well done Mr. Swee.
The second generation operating in Senawang Jaya and they have another branch in Cheras too.  Paul Chiew & Jessie Swee.
Delicious deep fried fish paste with chopped long beans was a good appetizer.
Mala Mee
The soup with fish paste which comes with the Mala mee.
A few pieces of Yong Tau Foo to supplement the lunch.
The gorgeous fish noodle which I enjoyed very much. The texture of the fish noodle was nice to bite. Got spring leh.....
A must try dish. We wanted 3 bowls and only left two. What a good demand for this fish noodle.
I tried this Nyonya Curry Noodle on a second visit  and it's something extraordinary and delicious ... ho jiak leh.

Tembak Fishball Noodle
333, Jalan Berlian
Taman Senawang
70450 Senawang, NS.
Paul Chiew 017-316-8743
Jessie Swee 017-309-1948
GPS : N02 41.479' E101 59.014'

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