Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Earth Hour Foldies Ride @ Golden Triangle of Malaysia

In the name of Earth Hour, we ride to honour this global event in Kuala Lumpur.
We started the ride at Titiwangsa Monorail Station with my son Xiang Yi and his friend Chee Meng.

It was past 7pm the group started to gather at this spot. Me & the boys were new in such cycling activity and we were obviously excited. All the bicycles gathered were folding bikes and that was something unique about this group.
One lovely bike that attracted me.
The Organiser Yong Sin gave a briefing to 16 of us before we hit the road.
He highlighted the importance of road safety and some basic rules to follow.
Everyone was getting ready with their bikes and ready to go.
A brave daddy and his son seen in another cycling group at KLCC.
These two school boys were under my supervision that night and they were doing fine and it was a good exposure for them including myself...
I met a new friend named Aaron and he is from Kuantan.
The group we met at KLCC was campaigning for "Share Our Roads". They came from Ampang and they were a big group.
One of the organisers from the "Share Our Roads" group.
We fully support such cause and hopefully the public can slowly be awared by the campaign. It will take a long time to achieve it therefore we must always observe our own road safety whenever we are on the road.
It was time to light the candles and honour the Earth Hour.
It was a wonderful and meaningful night here at KLCC.
This is one thing I do not understand, we were chased away from KLCC even though we were at the fringe of the premise. We are not political animals why chase us away....why lah...
Well Done!!! fellow cyclists and keep it up for the good cause.
I like this biker's candle light on his bike.
Off they went to roam the city of Kuala Lumpur.
And moment later, the foldies continued the ride with the leader in front leading the way.
We had the time to snap a picture or two while we were at the red light.
The boys did well on the road and so were the adults.
We stopped at Hard Rock Cafe for a group photo.
Another stop over at Pavillion shopping mall.
At last we reached a destination where we can have food for the evening. Restoran Mee Kai Kee is popular for their  blanched chicken with bean sprouts, Hor Fun and Curry Laksa. It is located at Jalan Maharajalela (gps : 3.136646,101.702591).
I enjoyed this bowl of Curry Noodle. Truly yummy after I had not tried for a long time.
A time for us to rest, share, eat and meet new friends.
Our next destination was the Chinatown of Kuala Lumpur @ Petaling Street.
One for the album at Chinatown.
Always at the back of the line was Lim Hui Min, the wife of the leader and she is making sure the entire line is in order.
Thanks to Ng Yong Sin and  Lim Hui Min for organising this wonderful ride, we will be looking forward for such rides in the future. Ribuan Terima Kasih and jumpa lagi.


Share Our Roads said...

Thanks for joining us for our "Share Our Roads” Awareness Campaign 1st event. Earth Hour ride ..

Hopefully this campaign will raise up the awareness of our society on the safety of the cyclist on the road !

Please keep on support us !!

Hope to see you guys on our coming event, "Ride Of Silence Malaysia 2012"

Thanks again .

"Share Our Roads"

Kash said...

I would just like to give a small idea for this campaign, it would be wonderful if the local authorities provide cycle lanes on roads, like here in Europe. Maybe your local politician is your next port of call??

Sin Tai Lim said...

Share Our Roads - See you again.

Kash - Good idea it has been talking & talking but hopefully it will be a reality one day in Malaysia.