Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lee Koon Fishball Noodle @ Jalan Zaaba, Rahang Negeri Sembilan

I thought Rahang is a small town near Seremban but it looks like Rahang is part of Seremban. Anyway a friend brought me here for a good fish ball noodle which was already in my "To Visit" list that I have extracted from Sam Cheong's article sometimes late last year.
Some of the fish paste related variety have been sold out by the time I was there. The severy counter is right at the front of the shop and the business was good.
That was left for me to savour, I saw Yong Tau Foo at other tables I will try them next time.
Kon Loh (dry version) yellow noodle with dark soy sauce and minced meat topping. The noodle doesn't look like those in KL not that glossy.
A better view of the fish balls & others on my noodle.
Good crowd and continuous flow of customers during lunch hour.
Don't miss the sambal belacan sauce and it goes pretty well with the delicious fish balls.
Restoran Lee Koon
35 Jalan Zaaba
Negeri Sembilan
 GPS : 2.715754,101.948007

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Kash said...

The fish ball and sambal belacan looks very yummy!!