Sunday, April 22, 2012

Restoran Xan Ling Cafe (Segambut)

We supposed to visit Lau Kau for pork rib porridge but was informed that it was closed for repair. A tree felled onto the premise. My colleague then suggested Xan Ling Cafe.
The tables and chairs are solid furniture and not like some shops with plastic foldable tables & plastic chairs. Though business was very good that day but the our food was served pretty fast.
Braised chicken feet slight spicy but yummy.
Homemade noodle soup with pork ribs and prawns, the stock was so gorgeous.
Braised Soy sauce pork was tender and delicious.
Room temperature Tee Ah Koay with sauce. I like with the soy sauce pork.
The whole slab chunk of Tee Ah Koay.
For pork rib porridge you have to call first and 45 minutes required.
Xan Ling Cafe
Near the roads of Arfah, (BP Gas Station nearby)
GPS : 3.19019,101.671021

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