Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lake Garden - A Park within the City of Kuala Lumpur

A green lung in the heart of Kuala Lumpur covering an area of  91.6 hectares. If you want to walk around the park and see most of the corners then it could be strenuous.
So we packed our folding bikes into a vehicle and off we went to Lake garden.
After all the "pusing" at the park we were at Muzium Negara. What a discovery.
Beautiful flowers and plants seen at every corner of the park.
So nice to be a kid.... ice cream after a short ride.
I went over to this newly wed couple and congratulate them.
Misai Kucing a.k.a Java tea @ Herbal Garden which is known for its good anti oxidant content.
This is one huge rubber tree in Lake Garden.
I really enjoyed this scenic garden of Kuala Lumpur.

Nothing like cycling in a big park....
We visited the Orchid Garden too and there are so many types.

It was drizzling when we started but that did not dampen the spirit of the super keen kids from cycling. Fortunately the drizzle lasted for only a short spell and had a good weather for the rest of the evening.

Colourful and interesting tunnel linking to Muzium Negara.
Riding round and round seeking for new places.
Zu Yi getting close to a friend at the Lake side.
He loves the carpet turf and wishes that he could stay longer and sleep.
A tree resembling a huge straw man.
A good place for a concert.
Welcome to Kuala Lumpur
After the ride at the park I thought it was good enough for the day and time to go back but the kids wanted more so I had to take them to the Police Museum. We could only see the exhibits outside the buildings as it was late and was already closed.

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Mabosusa said...

Never knew Lake Gardens offers a great ride- must try one day. Tx for posting.