Thursday, May 17, 2012

Folding Bikes Invasion into Putrajaya

So far the kids love this outing the most, scenic, huge and fun.
We started at Taman Botani, Putrajaya and this was at the Boardwalk of Taman Botani, awesomely beautiful lake scenes and its surrounding.
It's so beautiful.
Water activities are also available.
There are bicycles for rental and just look at the expression of these people they are obviously enjoying the Sunday at Putrajaya.
Hello..... go easy with it.
Broadwalk of Taman Botani and it's long too.
 Please do not speed in the park newbies.....
If you like plants if you can spend the whole day relaxing here.
Bring in your own bikes and you can go beyond Botany garden we intend to go out of the Taman and see new places.

 It is a good place to visit and highly recommended for leisure cycling.

A short rest before to move into the second stage.
I love the bicycle lane we should more of this everywhere in the country,
Safe & sound at the cycling lane.
This stretch was so lovely good water view with magnificent building & greenery.
Time for a snack & drink.
Here come our waiters.
At the favourite spot of the tip of the boulevard of Putrajaya.
The entire group for the album.
Xiang Yi wanted to pose here with all the Malaysian flags.
Homeward bound and the sky was getting dark.
Another remarkable scene from the bridge.
At a traffic light where rule has to be obeyed and it's no laughing matter boys & girls. Safety first.
Amazing we covered a good distance of 23.46km and I am proud of it.

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