Monday, May 21, 2012

Unique Curry Mee Vendor @ Air Itam, Penang

Before I leave Penang I must look for the sisters' curry mee which I was informed a night before during a dinner and about 7plus in the morning I was there in the super busy market of Air Itam.
I was thrilled when I found them and could not wait to eat their curry noodle. I parked my bike next to them and ordered a typical bowl of noodle for RM3.00. They spoke a mix of Teochew & Hokkien dialects which I got no problem at all.
Just like those days where hawkers will "kandar" their food for sale. The sisters look alike and cladded with the olden Chinese dressing. A scene that will soon disappear but found in Air Itam.
There were others helping in the business and all sitting in their "bangku".
Nothing spectacular about this curry mee that comes with sotong, tau pok, blood cubes and chili paste. I quite like this simple Penang curry mee. 
 After a good and satisfying breakfast I decided to go up Air Itam Dam, it wasa  tough hike but I managed to reach there even though I pushed the bike uphill probably 30% of it...

It's time to move back through this busy road leading to Paya Terubong and prepare myself back to KL. What a wonderful Sunday in Air Itam.

Sisters' Curry Mee

Off Jalan Paya Terubong,

Air Itam, Penang

GPS : N5 24.020 E100 16.695

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Food Dreams said...

I m so gonna try this in June! still looks really interesting to me.. =)