Sunday, May 20, 2012

Going Penang for An Errand

Upon nearing Ipoh I called a friend to check whether we could catch up for a lunch and it was possible. Kok Choo took me here at Ipoh Garden, Restoran New Holly Wood.
The famous halal Char Koay Teow and it came with chili sauce, something unusual for Char Koay Teow. It's delicious.
Wong Kok Choo at his home in Ipoh Garden.
I just do not understand the Police, why must they caused this traffic jam on the highway. They could just post the summons to the the offenders like they normally do and why slow down the traffic flow :C....
The properties along Green Lane (Jalan Masjid Negeri) is slowly changing its look.
At last I reached Air Itam and I can go for my "ronda ronda".
I wanted to visit my dad here but it was closed I have to come back some other time.
Youth park as it was formerly known and it is located before the Botanical Garden.
The Information Centre.
This park is still popular among the locals and especially during the weekends.

A bit further from Youth Park is the Penang Botanical Garden but unfortunately no bicycle beyond this point.

Waterfall Indian Temple
Used to be a roundabout going to the beaches like Batu Ferrighi as I was approaching Gurney Drive. 
One end of Gurney Drive near the Hawker Centre.
And the other end of Gurney Drive towards the city centre.
In front of the polo ground is the residence of the Penang Governor.
A typical shady road of Penang though it was a hot day.
I was following these 6 armed riders along Jalan Air Itam.
I just could not resist the smell of this wonderful delicacy and ended eating this unscheduled meal.
Thanks to Allan Ong for hosting this dinner for us at the Batu Lanchang Market.

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Kash said...

Post the summons? You are talking about the Malaysian police, known for the kopi money!!