Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Visit to my Old College TAR

TAR College Main Campus has come a long way, we were the first batch to move into the new campus at Setapak in 1977. I was in the second year of my Pre-U Studies. One old photo of us at the same spot. Now & Then.
I cannot miss this place because it's my favourite joint where I have met many friends from all over Malaysia.

A bigger view of my favourite canteen.
This corridor leads to the old library and reading rooms where we would queue in the early morning for a miserable and crowded space to study.
Now the Library is here at another side of the campus.
One of the old lecture theatres we attended lectures in TARC..
I just could not resist drinking this cold water from here, it brings me back to the time I used to drink a lot of this during my days in this campus.
My favourite play courts where we played basketball, volleyball & also Sepak Takraw for our sport activities.
There is even a swimming pool. How nice if it was there during our time.
Time have changed never thought there will be a LRT line next to it.
I enjoyed this Sunday morning ride to my old college which is about 11km away from home  but most importantly I enjoyed going through the campus and seeing the changes made in this campus.


Kash said...

Wow, you were a Tai Ko during student days!

Jeremy Wong said...

Hey that is a good camara work and excellent commentary - love your journey down the memory lane. Those students days were memorable indeed.