Sunday, June 24, 2012

Backpack Ride to Sg. Sendat, Ulu Yam, Selangor

6:30am - Cycled from home to Setaiwangsa Station for a ride to KL Sentral.
7:20am - We assembled at McDonald's KL Sentral where I met a few new friends in the name of folding bikes.
8:15 on a first train to Rawang
9:00am : Boarded a second train to Batang Kali.
9:25am - Reached Batang Kali Station
9:30am - It was time to take out our machinery for the adventure.
9:45am - A group photo at the Train Station
10:10am - We reached the town of Hulu Yam Bharu.
 10:30am - We took a break at this warong for tea and some packed food.

 11:15am - we were on our way to Sg. Sendat Waterfall.

11:30 am - Radzi was the first to complete the toughest climb of the day

 One by one completed the climb.
11:35am - And lastly the sweeper at the end of the line has verified all have safely reached this point.
11:40am - We reached the next stage of riding on dirt trail before arriving to the picnic site @ Sg. Sendat Hulu Yan forest reserve.
 11:45am  - We reached our destination - Sg. Sendat Waterfall.

Photo courtesy of Chris Ng
Another photo by Chris Ng.
 Chris & Sam were enthusiastically taking photos of the beautiful scenery.

 A nice gazebo for us to rest and have our small picnic.

 Time to fill our stomachs with some food.

1:45pm - After a short downfall and a good rest we headed out of the forest reserve. There were more people coming in for their recreations.
2:10pm - Heading to Hulu Yam Lama for a brief visit & food hunt.
2:15pm - The cowboy village of Ulu Yam Lama
3:00pm - Sam took us here for the original Ulu Yam Loh Mee
Bottles of herbal drinks you don't normally see. My first at Hulu Yam
The famous original Ulu Yam Loh Mee eaten at the original shop at its origin.
I like this chili pickles with my Loh Mee - spicy and tangy.
 Delicious fried saito fish cake and its sauce.
3:10pm - We ate too much and it was time burn it out on the infamous flyover of Ulu Yam Lama.
3:30pm : My friends and their folding bikes at Batang Kali Station waiting for a train back to  Kuala Lumpur.
4:10pm - Train from Rawang to KL Sentral
5:30pm - My last train ride of the day at Setiawangsa; unpack, unfold & ride back to home.

It was another wonderful day for folding bikes and something different  from others...this one was a backpack ride. See you again for another ride.


Kash said...

Very adventurous! The train station at Batang Kali has been upgraded really well.

bob said...

hi ,just curious,would you recommend this for a group of people who havent cycled in say a year to try this??.