Sunday, June 17, 2012

Foldies going up to Genting Sempah from Gombak

Nine Cyclists were gathered at Gombak near Hospital Orang Asli for a ride to Genting Sempah. It was my maiden ride to such a hilly route (I was told it is only a mild hill). Though the weather was hazy but it was a good day as the sun has been shielded by the haze.
While awaiting to start the ride fellow cyclists would admire bikes of others and some ensuring their bikes are in good condition before it's being used.

At midway we took a breather and I like the beautiful scenery.
I realised that my Dahon Speed P8 was running out of gears to go uphill and required a lot of my legs energy.  These two friends were so relax and I just wish I could have their bikes. 
This old road to Bentong is a popular route for cyclists especially during the weekends except cyclists have to be careful with occasional heavy vehicles.
The old Bentong road is much higher than Karak Highway, no wonder is cool at old Bentong road. The lowest temperature was 24 degree C.
I made it up to Genting Sempah with my Dahon Speed P8 and fortunately the group wasn't going any further from this point.
Other cyclists seen at the same spot with us resting and preparing to ride back.

One of the rider encountered a punctured tyre, cyclists are taught to be well prepared with the spare tube & simple tools to rectify such problem. All was done in a short time. Bravo!!!
And all were ready to continue the ride, it was an easy home ride down hill most of the time, breezy & so soothing....
Approaching the starting line where we were a couple of hours earlier.
Finally we completed the ride and it was another good ride.
It was time to reward ourselves with a good meal - Sang Har Mein.
Bitter Gourd Hor Fun
And not forgetting a delicious Malaysian ABC icy delicious dessert.
Just for the record the distance covered for this ride was nearly 34km.
Happy Happy mum mum @ Air Panas Food Court near the Market. And we shall ride again ....see you!!!


Jotaro Zen said...

Very tempting. Getting me all fired up for the coming ride.
Thanks Sin.

rivern said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! The BEST part is the Air Panas makan! Yummmmmy!