Monday, January 21, 2013

A Ride in an Agricultural Park @ Shah Alam

Another round of ride at Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam where we have covered approximately only18km but was exhausted by a few tough climbs in the park.
The last time I visited this agricultural park I did not complete to climb Jalan Bersih but this time I made it and was very happy about it.
The morning was beautiful, the weather was excellent and our fellow cyclists slowly turning up for the event at a car park right in front of the entrance.

Everyone was ready, we proceeded to buy the entry tickets. Take note of the special fare for senior citizen.

The freshness of the air coupled with the lovely atmosphere has warranted us a perfect day for cycling.

Some of the tropical scenes of the park.

We were at a rambutan compound happily plucking and eating rambutan. It was surely a great fun and there was no one to chase us away hehehe, guess it was alright to do that.
Teacher Chin's pedal went kaput, he just continued cycling with it all day through and managed to complete the ride, well done SC.
Going up a cactus climb for a photo session.

Here you could learn about the rain forest of Malaysia while you indulge into some fun adventures like this at the park.
The fishing pond was closed due to flooding, water level was still high.
The end of Jalan Bersih where we completed a tough elevation.
Flood! flood! can we get across this area? ..... surely we can.

 Kids love to play with water so do we.
For the first time I am cycling without shoes....flood mah....
One of the the dams at the Agricultural park.
At the top of a man made waterfall coming down from the dam.
Time to pack & leave the park.

As usual we would go for our food before we bade good bye and this time we visited MC Curry Noodles at Glenmarie, an interesting noodle house with a Scottish story . The curry mee is delicious and worth a million to check out this place.

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