Monday, January 14, 2013

Ride for Cleaner & Greener Penang 2013

Cycling is popular in Penang and is giving strong attraction and attention to riders from other regions.
We came from Kuala Lumpur to enjoy the food, sights seeing and of course to participate the event.
Coming out of Esplanade as we slowly cruised into the road of the colonial commercial district of Penang.
Joe, my fellow comrade from KL shooting ample pictures of the event and passing by his old school.
The Penang Lang riding slowly by himself armed with garden gloves and a piece of cushion towel underneath his butt. Slow & steady indeed.
Rolling along Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu Expressway.
Kim & gang along Gurney drive on a coming back route and all were hungry.....
At last at the junction for a turn and that was it ..Completion ...mission accomplished.
 What an carnival at Straits Quay on a Sunday Morning, the weather was kind to us and the event has completed successfully though there were many complaints on the organisers. We should not blame no body and after all it's a charity ride, please do not expect too much.....enjoy the ride friends.
Mr. Khaw, another friend from KL also Penang Lang.
Meeting more friends from KL, Zol & Moslim Othman
 Another chapter for my record ..... hope to do more.

Though the ride did not cover much of Penang but we were happy to be part of the event. We shall be back to Penang such a wonderful island.

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