Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lunch at Bahau & a short ride to Era Golf & Country Resort

It was a great discovery where you can savour big & fresh prawns at Restoran Koh Theng at Bahau also known as Ah Lock.
Veggie RM10 to start with.
Signature food of Ah Lock - Udang Galah RM80 for 2 big prawns.
The prawns were fresh and juicy and what a magnificient dish.

Steamed Ma Yeaw Yee - sweet and delicious . That was a big fish for RM70.
                                                           That was big portion. RM70.00

 A friend from Bahau took me round the town of Bahau and then a ride to see a beautiful golf course.

Thanks to the Koreans for visiting this golf course they love this sport so much and are contributing greatly for the survival of Era Golf & Country Resort, "kamsamnida".

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