Thursday, March 21, 2013

UTAR Charity Ride 100313 @ Kampar

A weekend was allocated for a ride at Kampar where a big group of cyclists participated in the name of charity for Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman. We registered with a RM30 fee and were provided with a helmet (or a headlight) and a tee shirt each. That was why the respond was overwhelming.
Some of us checked into this budget hotel Siswa Hotel.
A student by the name of V.K. Park volunteered to show us around Kampar the evening before the charity ride. Of course he showed us the beautiful campus of UTAR.
I was amazed by the initiative to promote cycling in Kampar especially in the new development surrounding UTAR though not perfectly equipped but it was a good start. 
V.K. Park took us to a food court in the town for a supper where we enjoyed some local food. Thank you V.K.!!!
It was a great morning in Kampar we rode to a McDonald's outlet for breakfast before taking our pole positions.
Some of the cheerful faces before the flag off.

The route was interesting passing by Kampar town and some other smaller towns and villages.
 The weather was fantastic in the morning where some stretches with good shades from trees along the way.

Water station for a brief rest and fluid intake.
 As we approaches the end of the ride the sun was slowly getting hot.....

At last I can see Kampar town what a relief.
Three of us took a detour just before the finishing line for a wonderful local coffee and half boiled eggs. 
Participants waiting to be lucky in the hope of winning lucky prizes.

That's it folk and bye bye to UTAR.
It was getting hotter and many have to go back home empty handed but not to worry we can try our luck again next year.

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