Saturday, March 23, 2013

Restoran Sing Seng Kee, Tapah formerly Restoran Tony

11 cyclists visited this eating house at Tapah, it was once known as Restoran Tonny and according to the new management Tonny has already made enough and has retired.
Paku Veggie stir fried with belacan was the first on the table and all was gone in no time. Truly it was no mercy from these cyclists.
Next came this delicious tofu coated with minced meat gravy.
My aim of visiting Tapah is beacause of this eel delicacy, I enjoy the crunchiness of this meat, love it very much!!!
Bright and lovely celery fried with dried shrimps, nuts and carrot, it was a good recommendation of the lady boss.
The most expensive dish on the table was this stir fried frog with ginger & spring onions..fabulously yummy and probably good nutrient for our cycling legs hehehe.
Braised pork belly with yam slices though it was a bit dry but yet yummy.
This dish seems to be the favourite, it must be the super duper gravy with lots of sinful lard.
Steamed patin fish - fresh and succulent, it was served with golden fried garlic topping. The meat was chunky and nice.
Braised pork trotter was a over kill for the lunch, white flag was raised and the going was slow nevertheless we managed to finished it...
All in all we over ate and driving back to Kuala Lumpur seems far. I had to take a stop for a nap in order to continue the journey... What a sumptuous lunch till then we will be back to Tapah for good food again.

Restoran Sing Seng Kee
Jalan Bidor-Tapah
Near & opposite Balai Polis
Tapah Town
GPS : 4.19349,101.264387

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