Monday, October 07, 2013

SapuraKencana Sepang F1 Circuit - Folding Bike Men Open

This is another great experience of cycling and this time it was in a F1 circuit. I woke up in the morning to find out that it was a wet morning and had to be in Sepang by 7.00am for the registration.
After a couple of rounding the area I managed to find the access into the paddock. The weather was excellent.
There were many friends from the folding bicycle fraternity of various groups. I was a lone rider fortunately I found another lone foldie Comadre Robert...
The respond was good and encouraging. I was told that the folding category has a good turn up this year.
An old machine warming up for the race. It was a 2 laps race with a total distance of 11km. going for a race in a F1 circuit what a great feeling indeed.
Everyone was geared up and eager to show their prowess including me .......hehehe in my dream.
Little did I know I was losing out steam to push harder on the circuit. I took out my camera and shot a few pictures.
Finty on a Brompton.
Moo on an Ori.
I tried to maintain the rhythm as much as I could and dashed the last 1 km like crazy.
At last I was able to complete the race with a time less than 25 mins with an average speed of 26 km per hour (based on a personal estimation). It was great and I enjoyed it tremendously.
Prior to the men event there was a Women Open for folding bicycle too for a distance of 1 lap round the circuit.
The ladies on the run....
The kids were also there to be part of the event.... they were awesome.
Here come the Champion for one of the Boys Categories.
Later in the morning..the serious riders took over the circuit for their challenges.
Some of my friends I met on this beautiful day.... I hope to come back to Sepang F1 Circuit again. Cheers!!!

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