Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Fish Head King @ Muar, Restoran Yu Tou Wang 麻坡鱼头王

Muar is rich with historical facts .... like the last Battle of Muar during the Japanese Occupation and is the royal town of Johore.
Yu Tou Wang which means Fish Head King is the name of this restaurant located at Jalan Khalidi.
Menu on the wall
I simply love this fantastic soup it's a herbal frog soup so tasty that I wanted more.
Vinegar pork trotter is not to my liking. I find it a bit plain.
Stir fried tapioca leaves with anchovies was just like most ordinary fried.
This was one of the best Nyonya steam fish head I ever had....that taste is different from the rest it had a unique & distinguish flavour that you will just like it. Must try.
Restoran Yu Tou Wang
43-4, Jalan Khalidi
tel: 016-772-7660 or 016-772-7880
GPS : 2.038446,102.5625

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