Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Re-Shooting of a Cycling Group

Another special weekend for a group foldies taking part in a re-shoot for a TV programme. We were supposed to get back the same group of people for the re-shoot but some of them just could not made it.
My early morning request for a decent breakfast at Taman Melawati.
Our precious bikes chained together as we took care of our tummies.
A big spread of food served by a big fellow who resembles a Harley rider....
Off we went to meet the Producer, technical crew & the Director.
I took the group for a detour to avoid the heavy traffic junction and going through an interesting small Indian community.
Our meeting point was at the National Zoo.
A chance of a life time to be shot....hehehe.
The noise level at the earlier scene wasn't that good we had to move further in and it involved a couple of good climbs. It was a good work out too.
Sorry Girl I forgot to tell you about the climb but anyway you did fine.
The interview with the female cyclists ..... their experiences....etc etc.... thumb up!
Robert putting the best in his interview...he can be a good salesman lor....
The family cyclists ... another good interview by John & Natalie.
I like this part of the take, everyone was able to chip in the dialogue. Well done my friends!!!
So that was fun right Irene....glad you like it.
Christopher for a black & white in jumbo size.
Like father like son .....
 The food we ate at Sakura Kristal. Thanks to Alex for giving us a discount and YY for the treat.
We took the opportunity to visit a newly opened bicycle shop at Wangsa Walk. Thank you for the support given in the re-shoot.
Adios Amigos!!!

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