Thursday, October 10, 2013

Nine Emperor Gods Festival Ampang - My First Encounter

Lightning bolts for my first encounter of a Nine Emperor Gods Festival and a popular one in Kuala Lumpur at Ampang Town.

We started from PDRM Golf Club Titiwangsa and made our way to Ampang via Pulapol, Kg Datuk Keramat and Jalan Ampang.
A dinner was scheduled and we picked a strategic location at the bend of Jalan Besar of Old Ampang town. Here we could see the procession to and fro from the temple to the river while waiting for our dinner.
It was the eve of the celebration and the place was happening with tremendous crowd. I was glad I decided to come for the first time. 
The procession was about to receive the emperor gods to the temple from a river side.
Such a lively procession comprising of many different groups.
One the most interesting parts of the procession.
the swinging chariot.
and many more floats, dragon & lion dances

street foods were everywhere.
Supper time after the end of of the procession.
the celebration will continue for 9 days and we shall be back on one of the Wednesdays.

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