Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Day 6 - Taking a Train back to Kuala Lumpur from Hat Yai (Folding Bike Touring)

Good morning G2 Hat Yai!!! Our plan for the morning was to visit bicycle shops before we leave the town.
Nipping through the streets of Hat Yai with our wonderful folding bikes.
Our first stop ----- the great siu yok (roast pork) so much talk about it and at last I was there for it and thanks to my touring buddies for this recommendation.
Pretty ladies waiting to serve us.
How true it was heavenly delicious and we asked for more ...bearing in mind it was only our appetiser. Merely for a bite and more food places to visit...
One for hApPy HaPpY's album.
Sam with his ultimate food .... just look at his hApPy tells everything about it.
The food galore continued this time for a famous pork porridge.
Roger & the stall that serves the great porridge in Hat Yai
Be patient your order is coming soooon.....
It's time for photography & great food.....
Rich and delicious....
We visited 4 bicycle shops in Hatyai this was the 2nd one. Hatyai Mountain Bike.
We spent some of our Thai bahts here for some accessories. This was the only kind of shopping we did in this folding bicycle touring.
The third one is situated above a coffee shop.
This shop sells gorgeous stuffs and bicycles. I love this shop the most and would want to come back again. I have to borrow money from friendly loan sharks for some stuffs that I could not resist.
Kuay Teow Renua - Thai Boat Noodle is associated with Central Thailand and used to be sold in small boats. I find it very tasty and enjoyed the soup so much that I virtually dried it up the entire bowl (actually 1 took 2 bowls hehehe).
The eating shop is located at this street Thanon Preedarom.
Small shop but serves great Thai Boat Noodle.
Here we were at the entrance of the Train Station of Hatyai.
Time to bag our folding bikes and head for home.
Hatyai Train Station is a bit unique you can see people living in the station itself.

Immigration checking at Padang Besar with a short wait before we continued our journey on our home land, Malaysia. Our folding bicycles were left in the coach we just needed to bring along our luggage for the necessary clearance with the Immigration & Custom.
Our bicycles in the bags placed at the corner of the coach, remember to book your seat at No.15 (the last row) where you can sit next to your stuff.
Home sweet home after 15 hours in the train and a final 18km ride back to the house from old KL Train Station including a detour to Tititwangsa for my Maran breakfast. What a great adventure and I shall do more....


Sam Cheong said...

hiMaster Sin,

It's "Kuay Teow Lueah" and this noodle dish is served on sampans in Klongs (Canals), the owner told me that its Isan food, from up-country and the dark color on the gravy is actually blood..


Sin Tai Lim said...


Thanks for the update. When is the next tour ..... hehehe.

Kitson Leeds said...

Hi Master Sim, what is the names n GPS coord of the eateries that u mentioned in your Hatyai trip. We would like to try if we go to Hatyai .much obliged if u could share.thks n rgds