Friday, November 22, 2013

Vintry Ampang - Porky Affair with the Family

A bottle of red wine please ...Cabernet Sauvignon... fine.
What say you..... young man.
The Pork Lovers!!!
Started off with a sinful roast pork, a Vintry's signature dish....& a perfect pairing with the red wine.

Lovely Vintry House Salad - tossed with Jamon spices, sliced button mushroom, cherry tomatoes, black olives & stuffed green olives.
Caesar salad tossed with pork bacon bits & hard boiled eggs - to pacify our guilt for taking such a sinful meal..
Chef Pasta - Tomato based spaghetti fried with Taiwanese sausages, pork bacon, sliced mushrooms & pork croutons.
Braised Pork Ribs with red wine herbal sauce
BBQ Pork Ribs served with fries & coleslaw.
Blue Cheese Pork Burger
Sausage Platter
Spanish Smoked Iberico Pork Ribs
Good food leh.... 
Tiramisu  - a blend of Italian Lady Finger Biscuits soaked with mascarpone cheese, liquear and coffee. 
Chocolate brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream
Warm Apple Crumble with vanilla ice cream
Hope he enjoyed the food

Vintry Ampang

24 Persiaran Ampang (between La Risata and Denise Wines)

55000 Ampang


+6 03 24252 8262

gps: 3.158428,101.745532

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