Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Grafa Subang Jaya SS15 - An Interesting & Relax Place to Dine

Simple, young and cosy reception with two sleeping cats on the sofa when we came in.....
Menu on the wall . Let's eat then.... my son told us that the food is delicious and in big portion.... this is our second visit.
Mushroom soup RM12 - Lovely taste though slightly salty but nice.
Grafamama's Grilled Lamb Chop RM25 - the portion is big with a mini volcano shape mashed potatoes.
Beef Burger RM25
Creamy Salted Egg Pasta - Seafood RM25
Nasi Goreng Blackpepper Cappaccio RM20
Cheese Cake Marie RM10
Cycle related restaurant......
One of the two resting coolly on the sofa.
 Sections of the menu. We will be be back again ... the whole family likes it. Well Done ... Grafa.
At a quiet & mysterious corner of SS15 Subang Jaya
Eat like a King 
Pay like a Hobo

Grafa Cafe & Restaurant
Subang jaya

gps: 3.075866,101.588202

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Somewhere in Singapore said...

Nice place, and the foods also looks nice...

Tailim said...

Hi SIS, long time no hear.....still going strong, well done & keep it up.

Nour Leeman said...

hi tailim..what a nice place..and the food is tempting me..i wish i can eat there someday..by the way..nice blog tu..i just love read blog that review all out about the food place..nice!!